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Strawberry plants are shallow rooted, with most of the roots in the top 15 cm of soil, and require a well-drained soil at least 20 cm deep. Strawberry can be grown in coarse, sandy soils, but it cannot tolerate drought, therefore, fertilization and irrigation are very important in
strawberry farming. In Canada, Strawberry planting usually starts in March; fruits are ripened and harvested in June. In North America, strawberries have been grown for fruit production since about 1835; Strawberries are grown in all provinces of Canada, and Quebec is accounted as the biggest strawberry producing province amongst the provinces.

Nutritional Facts

Strawberry is low in calories and fat free. It is an excellent source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Potassium, fiber, and various antioxidants. It detoxifies body and helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases and cancers. Also, its antioxidants help to improve skin and hair condition.


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